Who Is DeFiner?

Mar 3, 2020 4:50:26 AM / by DeFiner

DeFiner is a fully decentralized global financial platform developed to promote financial inclusion with autonomous lending agreements secured through blockchain technology. Using an innovative cross-chain application that simplifies user experience, DeFiner provides a trustworthy ecosystem for lending and borrowing digital assets (cryptocurrencies & future tokenized assets) without middlemen interference.


Our platform offers crypto holders the unique ability to unlock instant value from their capital by leveraging the explosive demand within the $400 billion crypto economy. By providing 24/7 accessibility with lower costs than traditional lending, we intend to help return the power of finance to the end user.


What issues will DeFiner solve?

DeFiner is an innovative lending platform, offering decentralized financial services to individual entities worldwide. Our services are powered by blockchain technology, but the user interface features a simple and transparent design to support rapid adoption of the platform. We believe blockchain will be a catalyst to transforming traditional lending as it allows for a superior alternative with greater security, transparency and accessibility.


By empowering crypto holders to freely transact without the limitations of middlemen, DeFiner is helping tackle the global issue of financial inclusion. Our fully decentralized services provide unrestricted access to financial opportunities that often don’t exist (or are not affordable) within existing financial establishments, such as banks or credit providers.


Some of the key issues inherent with these legacy services include:

  • varying interest rates
  • excessive fees
  • strict credit requirements
  • market manipulation.


In addition, the lending process often takes days for approval and requires significant upfront paperwork. Thus, we see a massive opportunity to disrupt the existing market by providing an innovative lending solution that’s easy to use and only takes seconds to complete.


  • The current market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is approximately $400 billion globally, with significant projected growth in the next few years. Additionally, we anticipate a gradual shift towards the tokenization of traditional assets (i.e. securities, commodities, real estate) which will further accelerate the growth of digital assets worldwide.


  • Our market research indicates we’re currently in the early adopter phase of the digital asset economy, so our initial target market will consist of individuals actively using or investing in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, DeFiner intends to establish a strong regional presence in the two largest crypto markets–the United States and China–to most effectively grow our customer base.


From a competitive landscape, DeFiner is well positioned within the blockchain space to help address the growing demand for crypto lending solutions. Outside of a few smaller players offering these types of services, the market remains largely open for capturing sizable market share. Additionally, our team has conducted a thorough review of these competitor offerings to ensure our platform is built with superior functionality and more robust solutions.


  • Specifically, a key competitive advantage of DeFiner is our cross-chain compatible platform that allows integration to different blockchains through smart contract technology. This is important because it provides us the ability to offer a more diverse range of crypto assets for lending (as opposed to only one cryptocurrency like Ethereum).


  • Another competitive advantage of our platform is a reward mechanism we intend to introduce for users called proof-of-premium. This feature will incentivize users to participate more in DeFiner services as they will be rewarded in native DeFiner tokens (in addition to interest earned from lending) based on the number and size of transactions completed on the platform.


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