What's Unique About DeFiner 2.0 Design?

Jun 1, 2021 11:13:10 AM / by DeFiner

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In the current DeFi landscape, we still don’t have a truly decentralized, permissionless debt market. In order to resolve this, we created DeFiner 2.0: a new lending product that makes our savings pool available to every token and crypto asset in the cryptoverse, with 6000 coins listed alone on CoinMarketCap today.


DeFiner 2.0 brings a truly permissionless lending market, where anyone can list their tokens as collateral. In 2.0 anyone can create a lending pool, borrow and lend out tokens, and depending on the volatility of the price, can have the option of configuring your pool into different collateral factors, interest ranges, and different rewards, all in a 100% configurable/composable product at your fingertips.


2.0s Unique Design

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So how do we serve as many tokens as possible in the growing DeFi ecosystem?


  • In the current lending landscape, there’s a problem — most DeFi lending projects pool together all the different risk level tokens into one pool, which isn’t sustainable or scalable because default risk is much higher. 

  • In the current lending pool designs, you cannot risk any high risk assets up to a stronger asset, because they must properly manage risk, and with current designs, it isn’t possible with an asset that is too volatile or lacks liquidity.


We saw this as a problem that needed to fixed in the DeFi space, and that is where Definer 2.0 was born. 


  • In order to achieve this, we must separate different risk levels, or tokens must be added to a smaller pool. All of these smaller pools need to be connected to a larger pool to make sure they have good liquidity. 


  • DeFiner 1.0 is the fundamental building block behind 2.0; meaning you can see all of the child debt markets connected to our 1.0 main savings pool — the cornerstone of the DeFiner 2.0 mechanism. To build up the DeFiner 1.0 savings pool, we must aggregate and build-up more value in our pool to make it available to every token and coin.


If these pools are separated from each other, they may not have good liquidity, so we created the unique design, where different pools will connect directly through our DeFi savings contract. 


DeFiner 2.0 is like a money market, in that it is a fully configurable lending pool for your own assets, while keeping good liquidity at the same time.


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