DeFiner Community Update: July 17-23

Jul 23, 2021 10:15:54 AM / by DeFiner


Happy Friday DeFiners! This week has been an exciting time for our community and everyone at DeFiner, especially with the announcement of the Ambassador Program and OEC last week.



Here is DeFiner’s week in review:


Man technologistDon't forget to check out the Ambassador ProgramMan technologist

We are looking for:

  • Marketing Ambassador
  • Design Ambassador
  • Operation Ambassador
Become a DeFiner today by applying through:

Image - BlogTwitter-2


🦈Last Call for the FIN Shark Pool🦈

 It's still NOT too late to start earning! If you start staking now, you will be able to Double or Triple your FIN earnings.
Our Tornado Booster Event will kick off right after this!  

Current Rate Updates:
  • USDT: 92%  
  • FIN-LP: 144%
Learn more:
FIN SHARK POOL_blog@3x-100

🌪️Tornado Pool🌪️

How to earn more? The answer is Tornado Booster!

Start Date: July 22, 2021, 00:00 UTC

Claim Time: Aug 10, 2021

Read more about Tornado Booster here.Image from iOS-jpg


📺Office Hours AMA📺

Check out our latest episode of DeFiner's Office Hours AMA! On this episode, we feature Head of Smart Contract's, Jitendra, a veteran developer in the blockchain  and cryptocurrency space! 


Check out our latest episode now:




⚡Flash Air Drop Event⚡

DeFiner is partnering up with OKExChain for a flash airdrop event. The FIRST 1,000 participants will have the opportunity to win: 

  • 5 USDT per OKEx Account
  • 5 USD worth of FIN  
Event Details: Airdrop_blog-jpg


Lock with ink penWhat is DeFiner 2.0?Lock with ink pen

  • Permission-less
  • Configurable
  • Privacy



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Have a great weekend DeFiner's! Stay tuned for more next week 📺

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