Running Out of Gas? Gas on Us, Part II

May 19, 2021 6:37:06 AM / by DeFiner

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Hi DeFiners, gas on Ethereum has priced many of us from using DeFi, and well, that doesn’t sit well with us!  In order to help with the Ethereum gas crisis, DeFiner was able to re-work our smart contract and successfully decreased gas fees by almost 50% on our platform.

But, we still don’t think that’s enough…


Gas on Us, Part II

DeFiner will be kicking off our 2nd Gas on Us, a two week long campaign where we reimburse 100% of your gas in FIN tokens for using DeFiner’s Deposit, Borrow, or Repay functions on the DeFiner platform.


🗓️ How Long Will it Last? 🗓️


During our event period, DeFiners who Deposit, Borrow and Repay on the DeFiner platform will have 100% of their gas fees reimbursed between May 19, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4 until June 2, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4, with 10,000 $FIN tokens up for grabs.


In order to participate, you must follow the rules and spirit of this campaign.


📌 Rules 📌

Only 1 transaction will be paid out in $FIN tokens per wallet address, which must be completed by 


1. Complete one of these 3 actions (Deposit, Borrow, or Repay) on DeFiner platform between May 19, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4 until June 2, 2021 @ UTC-4


*In order to be compensated for DEPOSITING on DeFiner, you must deposit and hold your tokens on our platform for at least 2 weeks in order to qualify for gas reimbursement.


2. Fill out this Google form


3. Take a screenshot of your DeFiner transaction of Deposit, Borrow, or Repay functions


4. Fill out the Google Form by cutting and pasting the Txn hash of your transaction from


5. Provide us with the same ERC20 wallet address you will use to Deposit, Borrow, or Repay on the DeFiner platform, otherwise we will NOT reimburse your gas (no exceptions).


Campaign will run from May 19, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4 until June 2, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4.


An allotment of up to 10,000 FIN tokens will be available for this campaign. Once we reach 10,000 FIN allocation, we will either close the Gas on Us campaign, or close it if the deadline reaches first, depending on which happens first, we will close the Google Form and no longer accept submissions.


💰 Rewards Distribution 💰

Once our campaign concludes, DeFiner will distribute FIN tokens 2 weeks after our event ends on June 2, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4.

Have questions? Email us at



DeFiner reserves the right to disqualify any participants from receiving rewards if they do not follow the spirit and intention of the campaign. Participants who enter their information incorrectly will not receive FIN tokens from us for the Gas on Us campaign.


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