Announcing FIN-Uniswap Liquidity Provider Program

Oct 11, 2020 3:28:37 PM / by DeFiner

DeFiner is excited to announce the FIN — Uniswap liquidity Provider Program (LP Program)


The purpose of this program is to ensure better liquidity and better prices for trading FIN in DEX. The LP Program will eventually allow FIN to be bought and sold easily with sufficient liquidity and low slippage. The program will provide an estimated APR of ~60%.

On Uniswap, the FIN swap pools are currently live and token holders can enter the FIN contract address, in order to provide liquidity or trade on the platform. Or you can directly visit our FIN-Uniswap Pool.

FIN-Uniswap LP Program Explained

The FIN-Uniswap liquidity Provider program is a chance for DeFiner community members to earn FIN by providing liquidity on Uniswap V2. The more liquidity you provide, and the longer duration that you provide the liquidity, the greater the share of the FIN from the interest pool.

The LP program will be officially launched on Nov 1st,2020. The FIN interest will be distributed to the participants in real time with an estimated APR of 60%. However, minimum claim amount should be larger than 10 FIN.


Three simple steps to help you jump start your FIN earning journey: 

  • Step 1: Add liquidity to the FIN/ETH Uniswap Pool.

    Go to the ‘Pool’ section of the Uniswap V2 interface and click ‘Add Liquidity’. Connect your wallet and deposit FIN and ETH into the liquidity pool.

  • Step 2: Receive DeFiner Uni-V2 LP toke

    Once the deposit is completed, you will automatically receive the FIN UNI-V2 LP tokens which represents your share of the FIN liquidity pool.

  • Step 3: Stake those DeFiner UNI-V2 LP tokens on DeFiner Savings Pool and start to earn FIN interest

    Go to and deposit the UNI-V2 LP. The system will automatically calculate your share of the staking pool and the corresponding interest. 

Check your current staking pool share once you have deposited the UNI-V2 tokens. Of course, staking more DeFiner UNI-V2 tokens is always welcomed at your will.

What's my Interest? Here’s the math

The interest is uncompounded and distributed on a monthly basis with an estimated APR of 60 %. The more token amount you stake and the longer you stake the FIN UNI-V2 LP token relative to others, the greater share of the interest pool you receive.

  • The interest is calculated based on ‘pool share’ of a participant.
  • Ownership share of the interest = User Pool Share / Global Pool Share

Here’s an Example

Let’s assume that there are 2 stakers in the staking pool, Pool #1 and Pool #2. Alex has staked 10 tokens for 2 days, and Roger has staked 5 tokens for 6 days.

  • Pool #1 Share = 10 tokens * 2 days = 20
  • Pool #2 Share = 5 tokens * 6 days = 30
  • Global Pool Share = Pool #1 + Pool #2 = 50
  • Alex owns 20 / 50 = 40%
  • Roger owns 30 / 50 = 60%

The pool share will be confirmed by the end of each month. The amount of interest distribution will be determined by the percentage of the pool ownership. Everyone can receive an estimated APR of 60%!

Become a DeFiner today! The sooner you join the more FIN tokens on Uniswap and DeFiner will be waiting for you to collect!


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Written by DeFiner