DeFiner and Mars Cloud Mine Liquidity Mining Program with 0% Fees!

Nov 6, 2020 8:41:02 PM / by DeFiner

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DeFiner is delighted to announce a new partnership with Mars Cloud Mineoffering participants access to a new DeFi mining pool for high interest and 0% gas fees!


14-Day Liquidity Mining Program

Our special liquidity mining program, running on the Mars DeFi Pool, will run until November 13, 2020 at TIME. This is your chance to snap up DeFiner special mining shares! 


Features of the Liquidity Mining Program:

  • Up to 20% annual percentage rate (APR) interest (USDT 20%; BTC 17%; ETH 15%)
  • 0% gas fee 
  • Guaranteed high return


DeFiner users should visit to participate in this DeFi mining pool, earn interest, and avail of 0% gas fees. During this 14 day period, the Mars DeFi Pool is subsidizing user gas fees and scaling up funds to establish a DeFi mining portal with simple operation, low capital threshold, and high income. 


Usually, high gas fees can lead to limited numbers of participants in the DeFi space. We are thrilled to say that as part of DeFiner’s partnership with Mars Cloud Mine, our special program is directly addressing the issue of gas fees and providing users with a huge opportunity to cut costs. 


Why is Liquidity Mining Important? 

Liquidity mining is one of the most novel aspects of DeFi. It refers to the process of depositing or lending designated token assets with a mining mechanism to provide liquidity for the product's fund pool and consequently obtain an income. Liquidity mining gives users the opportunity to  achieve an extremely high yield — benefiting the DeFi space overall. 


About Mars Cloud Mine

  • Mars Cloud Mine is a one-stop physical mining computing power service platform under the Mars blockchain. It gathers the most elite products, technologies, and actuarial teams from reputable companies such as IBM, Motorola, Tencent, and Jinshan. Mars Cloud Mine centrally purchases physical mining machines and provides all-round professional operation, maintenance and open, transparent mining services.

  • Based on its philosophy of one-stop professional management, Mars Cloud Mine links the industry’s top mining machine manufacturers, mines, mining pools and professional maintenance teams to bring users safe and compliant mining investment channels and the ultimate mining services. Founded by Feng Wang, it has received investment from Binance Capital, Pan-City Capital, OK Capital, IDG Capital among others. 

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