How to Claim your FIN Rewards

Apr 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by DeFiner


DeFiner added a new "Claim' function so that you can claim your FIN airdrops much easier. Check out how you can claim your FIN airdrop now


💻Claim through Web Application 


1. Go to and hit "Connect Wallet" on the top right.



2. Select the wallet that you used to receive FIN rewards. In this tutorial, we will use MetaMask as our example. 



3. Once you are connected to your wallet, you will see a FIN icon on the top right.



4. Click on the icon and you will see a detailed claim page that pops up like this. The page will show your current Wallet Balance, your Unclaimed FIN Balance, and the current FIN token Price. 

  • Your Balance will show on the top 
  • POP Mining: It stands for Proof of Premium Mining. You can claim your staking rewards from this tab
  • Social Mining: You can claim your airdrops and special event rewards from this tab


5. Click on "Claim" and enjoy your FIN token rewards 😀


📱Claim through wallet


1. Open DeFiner dApp in any wallet. We will use ImToken as an example.


Cliam on Phone-png


2. Click on FIN section.



3. Once you are in click on "claim".



4. Your 'Claim' window will pop up after you click the button. Then click on "Submit".


5. Enjoy your rewards! 😀


If you have more questions about the claim process, please join our Telegram Channel

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Written by DeFiner