DeFiner Weekly: History of DeFiner Lending

Aug 26, 2022 1:25:27 PM / by DeFiner

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Dear DeFiners,

In the last few months, the term "crypto winter" has been more than just a trending topic; it has become the current state of industry affairs. How are crypto veterans responding to these market conditions? They use their diamond hands to HODL! Many more crypto winters may be ahead, but sticking together and staying strong is what's going to help us come out on top. 💪

Here are the highlights of the week:
  • 🏺History of DeFiner Lending
  • 🏭DeFiner 2.0 - Smart Contract Factory
  • 🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner
  • 💼We're Hiring!

🏺History of DeFiner Lending
How Crypto Lending Works_ (1)

The first ever blockchain application went live about a dozen years ago - Bitcoin. Nowadays, thousands of multi-purpose applications are being built on the blockchain in an accelerated rate, including the financial type. 📱

The blockchain has become one of the greatest inventions that has facilitated the development of decentralized finance (DeFi). This new technology was designed to challenge the status quo, disrupt our sense of normality, and get the broader community involved. 🖧

Bitcoin was the first DeFi application; it enabled the transfer of value from person A to person B on an open ledger without a centralized authority. 2018 was the year of DeFi, a year that gave birth to many of the DeFi applications that we know today - MakerDAO, UniSwap, Compound and, of course, DeFiner. 😏

DeFiner was born to bring innovation to the DeFi landscape, providing a much needed tool to achieve true financial freedom. This year, we're introducing the next generation of DeFi lending - The HODLer Market. This product will open the doors for permissionless and configurable lending for everyone. 👐

At DeFiner, we believe that blockchain technology can change the world. The "crypto winter" might be here, but the protocols and projects with the intention of building a sustainable DeFi ecosystem on the blockchain are becoming stronger than ever. And DeFiner is one of them. 🗺️

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🏭DeFiner 2.0 - Smart Contract Factory

Smart Contracts_blg

The Smart Contract Factory is the engine behind the creation of lending markets on demand; it gives any token the potential to have a lending market. ✨

Current DeFi lending protocols can only support coins that have similar risk levels, which leaves many assets without lending and borrowing use cases. Also, the liquidation mechanisms that prevail in today's protocols make risking volatile assets against stronger ones almost impossible. 😅

DeFiner has found a way to decode this DeFi lending problem. The DeFiner solution is effective and simple - configuration. A new, configurable mechanism means that anyone can create an isolated, separate pool with fully customizable parameters based on different token properties. With DeFiner, more tokens are welcome to join the DeFi party. 🥳

📝See How This Works!📝

🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner

On Ethereum Network:

DeFiner Deposit APR_ETH Chain - Aug 26 2022

On Polygon Network:

DeFiner Deposit APR_Polygon - Aug 26 2022

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💼We're Hiring!

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Are you searching for an opportunity to work in the crypto industry? The DeFiner team is growing and you may have the right skills to help us take DeFiner to the next level. 🆙

Define your career with DeFiner. 🚀

Available positions:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Marketing Intern
  • UI/UX Intern
  • UI/UX Graphic Designer
  • DeFiner Ambassador
  • Data Engineer Intern
  • Smart Contract Blockchain Sr. Developer

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