FIN-LP Tutorial OEC Edition

Jul 7, 2021 10:07:31 AM / by DeFiner

In this tutorial, we will be covering how to become a liquidity provider on the OEC network. 

I. Get the OKT/FIN LP 

1. Visit Choose OKExChain Mainnet on the bottom left 

2. Go to Savings Tab.  Scroll to the bottom and find FIN-LP 

3. Once you are on the page, click on Get LP. The app will take you to Sushi Swap

4. Once you are in Sushiswap, make sure your wallet is connected to the OkExChain network. Click on the "Liquidity" Tab 

5. Click on "Select Token" and search for FIN 

6. Click on "Add" and input the amount for both OKT and FIN 


II. Deposit FIN LP into the DeFiner Savings Pool

1. Once you finish the steps above, go back to the FIN LP page in 

  •  Input the amount of LP you want to deposit 
  • Click on Approve 

2. Hit "Deposit" once the approval is successful. 

III. Check FIN Earned 

 To check how much FIN you have mined, go to the "Portfolio" tab. You will be able to break down your assets in more detail. See the screenshot below as an example. 


🙋More Questions?

Don't hesitate to ask more questions.   If you still questions, please join our Telegram Channel or Discord Channel. Our community manager will be able to help you there. 

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Written by DeFiner