DeFiner Weekly: Entropyfi Partnership Announcement

Jan 13, 2022 7:40:14 PM / by DeFiner

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Hello DeFiners! What a great week we've had! We're so grateful for you, our community, for your support and excitement to build the DeFi space together. Here are the highlights of the week:

  • 🤝DeFiner x Entropyfi Partnership
  • 🧪Test Your Favorite Tokens on Polygon
  • 🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner
  • 🧒How to Explain "DeFi" to a 5-Year Old
  • 👾Discord Live: DeFiner Bi-Weekly Update
  • 💼We're Hiring!

🤝DeFiner x Entropyfi Partnership


DeFiner is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Entropyfi, a yield-amplifying prediction games project. With this collaboration, DeFiner will provide Entropyfi a platform where users will deposit funds from dedicated pools to generate higher returns than those currently offered on the platform. At DeFiner, we are committed to supporting our partners' goals of offering the best DeFi experience to their users. ✔️

😄Check Our Partnership Post😄

🧪Test Your Favorite Tokens on Polygon

Now Testing on Polygon

Test your favorite tokens on Polygon using DeFiner's testing environment. Some of the cryptocurrencies the platform currently offers include Bitcoin (WBTC), Ether (WETH), Polygon (MATIC), Dai (DAI), and many more! Visit the DeFiner dApp and start testing, earning, and lending your tokens on Polygon. 💜

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🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner

On Ethereum Network:

DeFiner Deposit APR_ETH - January 13 2022

On OEC Network:

DeFiner Deposit APR_OEC- January 13 2022


🧒How to Explain "DeFi" to a 5-Year Old

Last week, we were curious to know how easy the concept of "DeFi" was to explain. True masters are the ones who can explain complex concepts in just a few words that even a 5-year old child can understand. So, we asked the question, "How would you explain "DeFi" from scratch to a 5-year old?" We were astonished and surprised with the responses we received. Our community is so creative! We thank all of you who submitted an answer! Here are the top 5: 

  • “Decentralized finance, finance that's spread out all over instead of held in one place like a bank.” - Reddit User JayPolar91 (Crystl Finance).
  • “I want to give five dollars to my friend but my friend is on the other side of the world. The way it works now, I have to give my five dollars to someone and trust that they’ll give that five dollars to my friend. What DeFi will let us do is skip the middleman and just send the five dollars straight to my friend” - Reddit User ISuckAtGaemz (DeFiner).
  • “It looks like money but what is money anyways, they are just numbers. You own all sorts of funny sounding money. it is here, it is there, it is everywhere, you own the keys to ur piggy bank but once you have lost it, you cannot complain about it.” - Reddit User TechnicalProposal (SushiSwap).
  • “DeFi would be like this: Instead of going to a store to buy crayons we are now all little crayon shops.” - Facebook User Michael Hines (DeFiner).
  • “If you put your toys in this magic toy box, it will let you change your toy to any other toy or you can leave your toys in the magic toy box and next time you open it there will be more toys! The magic toy box works, even if your parents don't want it too, even if they try to ground you.” - Reddit User OatyGoat (Polygon).

👾Discord Live: DeFiner Bi-Weekly Update

Blog Size-Discord Bi-weekly Update - Jan 14 2022

Do you want to know what's been happening with DeFiner over the past couple of weeks? Come join us for our first DeFiner Update session on Discord Live! See you there! 🎙😆

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💼We're Hiring!

DeFiner is Hiring!


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💭DeFiner Space: How would you explain "DeFi" to a 5-year old?Share your responses in comments section below! 👇

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