Safe Crypto Wallet: Enhanced Security with Multiple Signature Account

Dec 1, 2021 1:31:34 AM / by DeFiner Tech Team

DeFiner has successfully transferred the admin right of our Savings Smart Contract into a multi-signature controlled wallet on both Ethereum and OKEx blockchain. 

In August 2021, DeFiner has implemented a 48 hours delayed upgrade function which ensures that any changes in the contract need to be published and inform the community before any contract upgrading. 

In order to further improve the security and better manage the risks, the admin account has now been transferred to a multi-signature controlled account. Here’s what the future upgrade process looks like:  


DeFiner is working towards building a DAO-managed system for contract upgrading and configuration change. Once the DAO contract is complete, the contract management would be transferred from a multi-signature controlled account to FIN holder voting contract.  


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DeFiner Tech Team

Written by DeFiner Tech Team