Did You Become a DeFiner Today?

Oct 3, 2020 8:44:45 AM / by DeFiner

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MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 3rd, 2020 -- DeFiner’s savings pool hit the $2.7million mark within a few hours of launching their private sale on Token Sale Manager, Coinlist. The sale began Friday, October 2, and 65% of the allocation is already gone.


“It’s been two days and we are not seeing any signs of the passion cooling down in our community,” said Jason Wu, DeFiner CEO and Founder. “More and more people are becoming a DeFiner every day!”


Screenshot 10-4-2020

DeFiner Savings Pool Screenshots on Etherscan


Community First has always been DeFiner’s belief. The Colinlist private sale not only gives the community a chance to participate in the token sale but also to let the community be the first one to experience our pre-mining program. DeFiner is returning the true power to the community and ensuring they are the first ones to benefit from our mining program.


"We wanted to give back to our community. Through this sale, everyone can have a chance to participate—not just the big investors," said Wu.

image (2)DeFiner Savings Pool Screenshots on Etherscan all participants are from our community.


“We are excited to see the passionate community is participating and benefiting from our pre-mining program,” said Wu. “Our community has been so helpful and patient. They are the foundation of our ecosystem. So they deserve access to its founding.


Welcome to the foundation of the future of finance! Did you become a DeFiner today?


About DeFiner

DeFiner is a decentralized finance network for crypto savings, loans, and payments. Powered by blockchain technology, DeFiner's decentralized financial (DeFi) platform enables users to effortlessly lend, borrow, and earn digital assets within a global network. DeFiner removes the friction and costs associated with conventional financial services and instead offers maximum flexibility to set one's own rates and terms.


DeFiner also removes the need for third parties from its financial ecosystem by using an immutable blockchain to track all loans and transactions, providing ultimate security for users. By offering 24/7 global accessibility with significantly lower costs than traditional finance, DeFiner allows those embracing the new, digital economy to unlock instant value from their assets.


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