DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA: Episode 5

Jul 21, 2021 6:00:00 AM / by DeFiner

Welcome to Episode 5 of DeFiner Office Hours AMA, a bi-weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) series where DeFiner answers the most pressing questions from the community, and discuss all things DeFiner, #DeFi and #cryptocurrency.


This week on Office Hours AMA we feature our Head of Smart Contracts, Jitendra Chittoda. On this episode we discuss his extensive experience and work in the cryptocurrency space, his instrumental role in the development of the AAVE (Ethlend) protocol, and how he is bringing DeFiner 2.0 to life!


If you are new to crypto and are interested in becoming an Ethereum developer, be sure to check out Jitendra's book, Mastering Blockchain Programming with Solidity, here:




Written by DeFiner