🎥 DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA Episode 3: The Founders 🎞️

Apr 26, 2021 11:55:32 AM / by DeFiner

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Introducing the 1000 $FIN token Giveaway where we give 10 DeFiner’s 100 $FIN tokens for asking questions to be answered on the next episode of Office Hours AMA w/ the Founders -- Jason Wu and Chyna Qu.


🏆 1000 tokens up for grabs, 10 questions chosen, 100 FIN going to 10 winners. 🏆


Episode will air on YouTube, May 6th, 2021


We will also be giving away 5 $FIN tokens to the first 500 people who follow theses rules:

  1. Earn 3 $FIN for Joining our Discord and proving it w/ a screenshot uploaded to our Google Form 
  2. Ask a valid question about DeFiner for our Office Hours AMA


Follow every step below in order to participate in our Office Hours AMA bounty:

📌 Join our Discord channel (You will receive 3 extra FIN if you join with a screenshot) 

📌 Ask a DeFiner question on Google form to be asked on next episode (You will an extra 2 FIN for valid question asked)

📌 Follow us on Twitter

📌 Retweet “#DeFinerOfficeHours win some $FIN” 

📌 Comment ETH/ERC-20 wallet Address on our Google Form (**no exchange wallets)


⚠️ Disclaimer: DeFiner reserves the right to disqualify any participants from receiving rewards if they do not follow the spirit and intention of this Office Hours AMA campaign.


** This $FIN token bounty is only available via our ‘Claim’ function’ and will not be sent directly to ERC-20 wallet addresses. We are unable to allow exchange wallets, because they do not work with our claim function on the platform.


*** Questions must be DeFiner related, and anything not deemed a proper question, e.g. “when moon,” will be discounted from earning any FIN-related rewards for this bounty.


How to claim FIN Rewards



Office Hours AMA 

  • DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA is a bi-weekly, hybrid-style, ask me anything show that features team members, and friends, answering in-depth questions from the community and being interviewed by our host Adam Crawford.

  • As we migrate Office Hours AMA to Discord, we will feature a more robust and interactive experience for the DeFiner community, including livestream AMA’s with team members where your questions will be answered live.


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