Community Update: CoinList Private Sale & Decentralized Exchange

Oct 9, 2020 7:03:54 AM / by DeFiner

Following the official launch of ‘FIN’, our native token on September 28th, it’s been an eventful few weeks for DeFiner. We want to give you a quick update on some upcoming significant milestones. Following by the successful closing on our private round C with our token sale manager Coinlist, we are pleased to announce that DeFiner will conduct our public listing of FIN across three decentralized exchanges, and the launch of an exciting liquidity program. Keep reading to find out more!

Close of Successful CoinList Private Sale

Our highly anticipated private sale on Coinlist TSM is now successfully closed! The sale, which opened on October 2nd, has officially closed today (Friday, October 9th). With the sale 100% complete and the savings pool at $5.2 million in total deposits with over 735 transactions, the FIN token has successfully become a core component of the DeFiner ecosystem, connecting participants. 


Accessible only to our community members, we were delighted to show our appreciation of the unwavering support from our users and wanted to give them the opportunity to be the first to gain access to the FIN Token. Enabling these inclusive financial possibilities and putting financial control back into the hands of users is the primary benefit of DeFiner.


FIN Public Listing on Decentralized Exchanges

We are delighted to announce that DeFiner’s native token, ‘FIN’, will start the token distribution process on October 12th,2020, and debut on three separate decentralized exchanges — UniSwap, DoDoEx, and Loopring.  Listing the FIN token on these three trading platforms presents an opportunity to open up financial opportunities for the users that underpin DeFiner’s ecosystem.


  • The decision to choose to debut on the decentralized exchanges demonstrates our faith and determination of implementing the decentralization culture.


Based on the Ethereum network, the FIN token is fully compliant with the ERC20 standards used to audit smart contracts, facilitating the secure listing of the FIN token on UniSwap. UniSwap allows for fast, efficient trading without sacrificing security standards, aligning perfectly with the DeFiner mission.


  • In keeping with these high-security standards, the FIN token will also be listed on Loopring. The latest version, Loopring 3.0, leverages On-Chain Data Availability (OCDA) to resolve issues surrounding scalability, and settlement costs, while upholding the inherent security guarantees of the Ethereum network.


The DoDoEx listing will see the FIN token featured on the next-generation of on-chain liquidity providers, which utilizes the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM). This allows for more complex integrations between projects, facilitating faster and cheaper asset swaps, and providing traders with liquidity that is on par with centralized exchanges.


 “Becoming a DeFiner” Campaign 

Following by the listing event, we are offering our community unprecedented rewards with our “Becoming a DeFiner” Reward program. This program is also our way of expressing our gratitude for early DeFiner users’ continued support in underpinning the network. The “ Becoming a DeFiner” Campaign is our innovative way to reward our community.


  • We will be setting up a reward pool of 250,000 FIN, available to those who took part in our initial Proof of Premium (POP) Mining. Anyone that might be interested in joining our community and becoming a DeFiner can also take part in the DeFiner liquidity program by maintaining an average daily balance of 5,000 FIN or more.


Here’s an example of how it works: If a participant deposits $20,000 in our savings pool and the total current deposit is $5million, that participant will qualify for 0.4% of the reward pool, or 1,000 FIN. However, if the majority of participants withdraw from the pool, and $1million remains, the initial participant will benefit by keeping their funds locked in. The same $20,000 will now represent 2% of the savings pool, qualifying for a reward of 5,000 FIN. For more detail explanation, read Becoming a DeFiner Campaign for details.


Liquidity Mining Program

Our liquidity mining program offers an incentive for users to bring liquidity to the DeFiner ecosystem. Liquidity mining, also referred to as yield farming, has attracted a lot of speculators of late. The DeFiner savings pool is a safe haven for parking unused capital. We encourage users to use the DeFiner savings pool as a safe home for storing capital, and as an avenue for earning great returns!


These exciting updates come in tandem with a successful seed funding round where we received investments from Signum Capital, Alphabit, and more recently SNZ Holding. We have more news to share with you as we gear up for the launch of our savings product, designed to enable users to earn interest in stored assets. Stay tuned!




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