DeFiner x ONTO AMA - OKExChain Launch

Jul 6, 2021 4:06:29 AM / by DeFiner

Want to know more about what is our plan with OEC? How does the FIN Shark Pool work? Don't worry. We get you covered! DeFiner will be conducting an AMA session in ONTO Wallet community where we will be answering your burning questions about the recent events.  There will be up to $1,000 FIN Token up for grab!  

📌Campaign Details 

  • Follow both projects on Twitter. Share our FIN Shark Pool Staking Tweet and tag @ONTOWallet & @DeFiner. We will reward you with 5 FIN!
  • Got questions? We will select 5-10 questions from the community before the AMA. Selected questions will be rewarded with 10 FIN!  There will be a live Q&A session during the AMA and we will select 5 questions.  Each selected question will also be rewarded with 10FIN!
  • After sharing the tweet, fill out this Google Form to claim your FIN.
  • First come first served! We will pick the first 100 lucky winners to distribute the tokens.
  • Duration: July 5th - July 7th, 1 PM UTC


💁Wait, there’s more.

Do you want to become a DeFiner? Enter our Telegram Channel or Discord Channel we will reward you with 3  extra FIN!

If you have any other questions, join our Telegram Channel and ask our community manager there. Or, send an email to


🛄Distribution & Claim 

Token distribution will take place within four days after the campaign ends. DeFiner will complete token distribution directly on our platform. In order to claim rewards, you must connect your wallet to the DeFiner platform (an exchange wallet address will not work).
If you are new to our Claim process, here is How to Claim Your Rewards.

DeFiner reserves the right to disqualify any participants from receiving rewards if they do not follow the spirit and intention of the campaign.
Participants will have to take responsibility if the information entered is incorrect.

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