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Apr 11, 2020 6:18:00 AM / by DeFiner

Improved returns, options, and flexibility

  • Receive instant loans with a better interest than competitors
  • Payback loans with collateral 
  • Options for fixed-term and fixed-rate loans

DeFiner Savings Account:

How DeFiner compares to Compound Finance


On average, the Compound borrower rate is 3-5% higher than the depositing rate. This interest rate earned by depositors is equal to the borrowing interest rate multiplied by the utilization rate. The utilization rate typically ranges from 40-75%. Or, if you reverse these numbers (60% - 25%), we see there is usually 25-60% capital sitting there and earning nothing. This is the major reason that the spread between the borrowing rate and lending rate is so high on Compound.


See here: 

Compound Finance supply and borrow rate on May 16, 2020.  


DeFiner Savings has resolved this issue. Our Taurus DeFi Savings Account deposits excessive capital to a money market like Compound or Maker to improve our capital utilization rate to more than 85%


For example, let's say there is a total of one million USDC in the DeFiner savings account, and 50% has been lent out to borrowers. We now have half a million (500,000) USDC in excess capital. The DeFiner savings pool contract will automatically deposit 0.35 million (350,000) USDC to the money market (at Compound Finance or Maker), which will then earn interest while the remaining 0.15 million (150,000) USDC will be held in reserve. This reserve ratio (now 15%) is adjustable and can be as low as 5% — in this case, 50,000USDC.


In the same scenario at Compound, 0.35 million (350,000) USDC will sit in their savings pool and earn nothing.


In this way, the spread between borrowers and lenders on DeFiner has been significantly lowered.


The chart below shows the interest rate comparison between DeFiner and Compound at different capital utilization rates. On average, DeFiner maintains an advantage of 2.46%. The largest advantage point happens at 51% capital utilization with an advantage of 3.65%.



Another problem borrowers have is locked collateral. When they want to pay back the loan, they have to secure the funds to pay off the loan balance. However, their locked collateral cannot be used for this purpose.


DeFiner has an option for borrowers to pay back the loan with their locked collateral. To do so, the borrower pays a 2% fee to a 3rd party liquidator, which pays back the outstanding principal and interest on the loan. In exchange, the liquidator gets the equivalent amount of collateral with a 2% discounted price. 




  • We have optimized the savings pool contract to ensure the best rate both for borrowers and lenders. 
  • Collateral can be used to pay off a loan.

Next, we look at we're offering fixed-term and fixed-rate loans.


Peer-to-Peer Lending:

Currently, there are no fixed-term and fixed-rate loans offered in the DeFi space. The most common ones are loans with floating rates and no terms. DeFiner's peer-to-peer (or over-the-counter — OTC) marketplace allows for both fixed-terms and fixed-rate loans, with lenders and borrowers being able to fully customize collateral, rates, terms, and crypto asset.

  • DeFi OTC Loan: Aries
  • Fixed term, Fixed-rate; 
  • Loan amount: >=1000$;
  • Terms: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 26 weeks and 52 weeks.


Both borrowers and lenders can fully customize their loans with individualized collateral, rates, terms, and crypto asset. Users can scan available loans on the lending marketplace or submit their own requests if they cannot find the loan they want. 


Read more about these features here: DeFiner Products Introduction.


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