DeFiner Welcomes Jitendra Chittoda, Our New Head of Smart Contracts!

Apr 20, 2021 6:08:40 AM / by DeFiner

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DeFiner is proud to welcome Jitendra Chittoda as the new Head of Smart Contracts!

Jitendra, who has worked at DeFiner as a smart contract advisor, now joins us full time to help us engineer our smart contracts to bigger and better heights for the DeFi ecosystem!


Jitendra comes to us with a wealth of cryptocurrency experience in smart contract engineering, and is well-known in the Ethereum development community for publishing the ERC-1068 standard for peer-to-peer lending smart contracts, and is responsible for designing and developing ETHLend, which is now called AAVE.


Jitendra is a smart contract pioneer who has worked as at several high-profile DeFi projects, including AAVE/ETHLend, as well as Head of Smart Contracts at both B.Protocol ($100 Million in TVL), mStable (over $50 Million in TVL), ChainSecurity, and his smart contract are responsible for more than $200 Million in Total Value Locked across the digital asset ecosystem.


He has more than 12 years of experience in software architecture and designing high throughput server applications, and is considered a leading industry expert in smart contracts and blockchain, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups all over the world.


Jitendra is the author of the book: Mastering Blockchain Programming with Solidity: Write production-ready smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain with Solidity.

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