DeFiner Treasure Hunting Program

May 5, 2022 2:02:42 PM / by DeFiner

The DeFiner Treasure Hunting Program is created exclusively for the DeFiner HODLer Market users and contributors.

Upon launching, we will offer special NFTs to represent users’ status in the DeFiner Hodler Club. As a cherry on top, DeFiner will also allocate 10% of the interest accrued as a reward to encourage our community to become self-promoters of the project. 

Exclusive HODLer NFTs 

Upon launching each HODLer Market, there will be HODLer NFTs associated with the market. Both pool creators and pool promoters will be rewarded with "treasures," which are special NFTs that represent status in the HODLer Club.

There are three different kinds of NFTs: Gem, Sapphire, and Dimond Hand. Each NFT represents the amount of interest that the hodler will get. 

The treasure owner will be entitled to a certain percentage of interest earned throughout the corresponding HODLer Market’s life span. The program is not a limited-time program. Hodlers are entitled to the interest accrued as long as they are in possession of the NFT. Below is a breakdown of each NFT and the values backed by it.

  • Hodler Type: Projects
  • Interest Shared: 3%
  • Value: 3% = 1 Gem
  • Hodler Type: Business Devs
  • Interest Shared: 2%
  • Value: 1% = 1 Sapphire
💎Dimond Hand
  • Hodler Type: Users and Promoters
  • Interest Shared: 5%
  • Qualification: First 500 participants

Program Breakdown

When a lender repays the loan and generates the interest, we are distributing 10% of the interest back to our community that is involved with the HODLer Market.

Market Creation

There are two players during the market creation process: HODLer Market leads and pool creators. 

HODLer Market leads are the key individuals who are driving the HODLer Market creation progress. These leads can be further divided into leads from the DeFiner side and leads from the Partner Project side. This type of treasure hunter is hunting specifically for Sapphire. For every pool created they will be entitled to 1%. 

Projects can also participate in the Treasure Hunting Program: Their major target is the Gem. Projects that create a HODLer Market will be entitled to 3% of the interest accrued, which equals to 1 Gem. 

Promotion & Operations

Users can also participate in the Treasure Hunting Program by collecting Diamond Hands. 

One of the benefits of the DeFiner HODLer Market is to build a loyal and committed community. They will hodl and grow together with the project. Users will become our HODLer Market promoters by the word of mouth effect.

To reward these loyal community members, we will allocate to these promoters 5% of the interest earned by the market. The first 500 participants in the HODLer Market will be receiving the Dimond Hand NFT. The 5% interest allocation will be used on the Dimond Hand NFT marketing making.

Get started 

Can’t wait to become a member of the Treasure Hunting Program? Testing is now available for our launch partners. if you are interested in both getting early access to the HODLer Market and learning more about the treasure hunting process, please reach out to us on Telegram Channel or Discord Channel. 

To learn more about DeFiner HODLer Market, read this article. 

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