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Dec 17, 2018 4:59:00 PM / by DeFiner

The holiday season is upon us, and we wish everyone in the community a safe and joyful month! Our team has been quite busy per usual since our last update, but we remain on track to deliver decentralized lending solutions to the market in 2019. As our team has matured in recent months, we are currently revamping our roadmap and will release a new version on the website in Q1 2019 (stay tuned for an upcoming medium post). Also, we encourage you to visit our new website that launched last month at


  • The DeFiner testnet has been live since October 2018, and participating alpha users have been instrumental in providing feedback to help our development team isolate bugs and implement UX improvements. As we’ve stated, our team is committed to advancing financial trust, growth and simplicity through the blockchain.

  • To achieve this, we must ensure the DeFiner platform is intuitive and empowers users with varying levels of expertise to easily utilize our services. Thus, over the next couple months we will continue on-boarding new test users, with an increased development focus on quality assurance (QA). This will help maximize value to users as we work towards our next major development milestone in Q1 — our MVP3.


A key initiative we’re actively exploring is the implementation of a web-based, test automation scripting application called Protractor. Protractor is useful because it uses the jasmine.js framework to mimic user interactions with web pages. Knowing how users interact online (i.e. mouse clicks, data entry, value selection, etc..), Protractor can easily mirror these capabilities. Additionally, it leverages Javascript to assist developers with testing scenarios that become more difficult as applications grow in size and complexity.


  • Protractor’s rich syntax helps execute these test cases, allows preconditions to be evaluated, and assists with post-testing syntax cleanup. The software also provides easy access to anything in the DOM, including the ability to search for specific elements. As a test script executes, it launches a browser and completes each test step as if the computer were operating itself. Overall, the benefits of applications like Protractor are significant and will help DeFiner establish more advanced QA testing best practices that reduce time and save internal resources. And most importantly, the efficiencies gained allow for more battle-tested product capabilities for our end users.


Testing is even more important for the blockchain component of our platform, where the technology environment is more nascent. Despite the usefulness of Solidity, there are additional tools that provide more simplification and automation of testing. These are driven from a development perspective, but testing is certainly a byproduct. Examples include: Dapple, Remix and Truffle.


  • Lastly, thanks for your support in 2018! The DeFiner team has accomplished a lot this first year, and some of the highlights include: growing the team from 3 to 13 people in just nine months, completing seed round funding, releasing the alpha version of our DApp (testnet), incorporating the DeFiner foundation, launching a new customer website, joining the MN Blockchain Initiative, and presenting at the MN Venture Conference. We’re excited to carry this momentum into 2019, and a core focus will be to successfully launch DeFiner’s decentralized lending platform.


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