DeFiner #TechUpdates 11.9.2018

Nov 9, 2018 4:54:00 PM / by DeFiner

The DeFiner team is tremendously excited to announce the latest release of our DApp, Saturn, is now in GA status (General Availability). While generally available, it’s still in test net (alpha) which allows us to gather meaningful user feedback prior to public main net launch. This is a culmination of a lot of critical work centered around our UI and broader token support. In addition, DeFiner is offering new lower gas prices for loan transactions associated with our Ethereum smart contracts.

  • Our newly improved UI represents a more organized approach to lending, making it easier for users to see the loans they have in progress and to initiate a new loan. Thanks to our larger strategic priority of simplification, we totally redesigned the interface for an easiest-to-use application experience.


  • Another huge benefit of Saturn is that it now supports the full range of ERC-20 tokens. This opens the door for a wider variety of users with different digital assets to participate in lending and borrowing. The DeFiner platform lets users put their digital assets to work for them by lending and earning interest, rather than leaving them in a digital wallet.


  • Finally and perhaps the most exciting news about Saturn is that we’ve been able to engineer an average 85% reduction in gas fees. In the market today, those leveraging the Ethereum blockchain are striving to reduce gas fees to increase appeal and achieve higher adoption.


We’ve carefully designed our loan contracts using a favorites and proxies construct in Ethereum that immensely reduces the gas fee for lending transactions such as collateral deposits and withdrawal, loan payments, and principal payments. Given the amount of financial savings achieved with this approach, we believe these changes will continue to accelerate user adoption and position DeFiner as the premiere crypto lending platform.


If you are interested in participating in alpha testing, get early access here.


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