DeFiner #TechUpdates 10.4.2018

Oct 4, 2018 5:05:00 PM / by DeFiner

As the DeFiner community grows, a key priority is publishing regular updates on the progress being made by our development team towards the public launch of the DeFiner lending platform. We’re excited how much the team has already accomplished, but we want to share that progress with all of you in a very open and transparent way. Moving forward, we encourage you to stay in touch here on Medium for the latest updates!

The Definer development team is pleased to launch a new development cycle based on bi-monthly sprints, starting with our first release — Jupiter — in early October. You can find more details about this exciting release in our updated release notes.


Meet Pre-Jupiter:

The first of two bi-monthly releases scheduled took place in June, 2018. A fully functional borrow and lend workflow were the foundation of the initial Dapp with FIN tokens on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network.


All smart contract information is stored on the blockchain and all transactions will be validated by the Ethereum contract. Security was key for this pivotal release. Our FIN token is now ERC233 compliant. Keeping all user data as secure as the data residing on the blockchain was the top thing in mind for this release.


Meet Jupiter:

A brand new UI will be launched with Jupiter, which involved extensive UX research and will provide an improved user experience. Since Jupiter resides in testnet, participating users will get FIN ‘test tokens’ and ETH for executing transactions on the platform.

ERC20 tokens will be supported as a lending medium in Jupiter, which will provide greater flexibility. Additionally, we upgraded the dApp database processing to provide a seamless and autonomous user experience that supports transactions with lower fees.


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