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In this round of updates, we now integrate more crypto wallets, offer more market information on our platform, and introduce the new "Night Version" look! 

πŸ’ΈNew Wallets Now Accessible Through DeFiner Web Portal 


1: WalletConnect

Mobile wallet users can now easily access DeFiner Savings through WalletConnect, "an open source protocol for connecting decentralized applications (Dapps) to mobile wallets." Such wallets include imToken, Argent, and Trust, among many others.


2: Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase is a major channel for fiat and crypto asset exchange. With the support of Coinbase Wallet, users can easily access DeFiner Savings through their Coinbase account. 


3: Ledger

For users who manage crypto assets from a cold wallet, they may use a hardware wallet like Ledger to interact with Dapps. DeFiner users now can park their assets directly through their Ledger wallet and earn stable returns from DeFiner. 




Meanwhile, Metamask will continue as one of our popular wallet options. And with the addition of Ledger, Coinbase, and WallerConnect, users now have many more options available.


πŸ”¬Additional Market Information Now Available 

To help users know more about the assets on our platform, and to improve transparency, we've now added the History data of Total Asset Deposits and Total Loans Outstanding.


In addition, we've added Total Value Locked(TVL)β€”in real time. Lastly, we've added the composition data to help users better learn what kindβ€”and amountsβ€”of crypto assets are held in the savings contract.


More Market Info


πŸŒ™The New "Night Version" Look 

We've implemented a dark mode to our web app: 


Night vision

Light or dark? It's now up to you.


🎁New Rewards 

Last but not least, a little bonus for all DeFiners. Upon our new feature release, there will be several campaigns launched throughout this month. This is your chance to earn some FIN!  We are kicking off with the Shout-out Campaign. Stay tuned for more! 


If you have any other questions, join our Telegram Channel and ask our community manager there. Or, send an email to


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