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Mar 29, 2021 7:23:43 AM / by DeFiner

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Hey DeFiners! Want to earn some extra FIN? Good news, we got just the thing for you… 🤑💰 💵

Welcome to the first DeFiner Pop Quiz, a 5 question multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge of DeFiner!


Of course, to earn FIN by showing how much you know about us. Don’t worry, the answers aren’t too hard to find!


All those that participate in the Pop Quiz will automatically be placed into a later drawing to earn 50 more FIN token at the end of the contest.


Hint: Our website is your friend, but if that’s not enough, this article should help, too: https://bit.ly/2NWsLk9


So, how does this all work? You must follow all of these steps to earn up to 5 FIN tokens:

  1. Get started by visiting: https://bit.ly/3lSfshk
  2. Enter your Email
  3. Enter your name
  4. Enter your ERC-20 wallet address 
  5. Answer each multiple choice question
  6. Follow @DeFinerOrg on Twitter (https://twitter.com/DeFinerOrg) and retweet the pinned post with a comment and the hashtag #DeFiner
  7. Provide us with a Link to your Twitter post
  8. Submit your Pop Quiz


Yep, it’s that easy... 


Think you can answer all 5 correctly? Show us what you got DeFiners!


Official Rules:

📌 You will be rewarded 1 FIN token per correct answer on the DeFiner Pop Quiz, e.g., answer 2 questions right, earn 2 tokens; answer 5 questions right and earn 5 FIN.

📌 Only 1 entry accepted per person.
📌 Rewards will only be distributed if the user has followed all the rules of our DeFiner Pop Quiz. 
📌 Extra FIN drawing will take place after Pop Quiz contest has concluded.
📌 Distribution: Token distribution will happen within three days after the deadline


🕰 Duration of campaign: 7 days; March 29, 2021 through Monday, April 5, 2021 @ Midnight EDT.

📑 Disclaimer: DeFiner reserves the right to disqualify any participants from receiving rewards if they do not follow the spirit and intention of the campaign.

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