DeFiner x OKExChain Staking Event - Introducing The FIN Shark Pool

Jul 5, 2021 12:42:34 PM / by DeFiner

Introducing the DeFiner FIN Shark pool. DeFiner is proud to announce that we will be launching our staking pool with OKExChain. You can now stake FIN on OEC! Detailed the rules below: 

Basic Info 

🏆Total Rewards: 352,000 $FIN

🕰️Staking Start Time: July 7th, 2021 00:00 (UTC)

⏱️Reward Distribution Time: July 22nd,2021 23:59 (UTC)

💰Stake your token at: App.DeFiner.or


  • FIN Token OEC  Address: 0xF3c87c005B04a07Dc014e1245f4Cff7A77b6697b
  • FIN Token ETH Address: 0x8D3573f24c0aa3819A2f5b02b2985dD82B487715

🐋The FIN Shark Pool: USDT, OKB, OKT, BTCK, ETHK, FIN & FIN- LP 🐋



📝Quick Tips 

  • The earlier the better! The earlier you enter the Shark Pool, the more rewards you will gain. So enter the pool 12 hours before the staking starts will help you maximize your rewards! 
  • You can withdraw anytime you want. 
  • Reward Claim Time: July 22nd,2021 23:59 (UTC) 
  • How to Claim your FIN Token Guide
  • Click here to look up your transaction on OEC. 



DeFiner reserves the right to disqualify any participants from receiving rewards if they do not follow the spirit and intention of the campaign. 


🙋More Questions?

Don't hesitate to ask more questions.   If you still questions, please join our Telegram Channel or Discord Channel. Our community manager will be able to help you there. 

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Written by DeFiner