DeFiner Monthly Newsletter: May 2021

Jun 7, 2021 8:09:29 AM / by DeFiner

Monthly Update_May 2021

Dear DeFiners,

Even though Crypto Markets have been down in the last few weeks, DeFiner continues to plow ahead to BUIDL and innovate in the DeFi space, no matter what the market conditions might be.

Our team and our community are growing stronger every day, and with DeFiner 2.0 coming very soon, the next version of DeFiner will be a significant upgrade towards that will foster adoption and exponential growth.

Here is what DeFiner has been up to since the last newsletter:πŸ‘‡


πŸš€ Introducing DeFiner 2.0 🦈


  • Permissionless: create your own crypto lending pool with any digital token or asset available on the market today
  • Privacy: balance transfers anonymously on the platform via an encrypted shielding mechanism 
  • Configurable: customize your own lending pool with complete composability including: interest ranges, collateralization levels, rewards, and more

Learn More About DeFiner 2.0


πŸ“£ DeFiner Announcements πŸ“£


Aurora Integration  


We are pleased to announce that DeFiner has partnered with Aurora Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) created by NEAR Protocol!  We are excited to be partnering with Aurora to bring our cross-chain initiatives to the next level!


NexCubed Demo Day 

We are also excited to announce that Chyna presented DeFiner 2.0 at the Nex Cubed Spring 2021 Portfolio Showcase last month.  

Click here to watch the full pitch! 


πŸ“° DeFiner In the News πŸ—žοΈ

Chyna, our Co-Founder & COO, wrote an exclusive Bitcoin Insider article titled: "Tokenized stocks stand to completely revamp the way stock markets across the globe work"

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Tearsheet: Our CEO, Jason Wu was recently quoted in a Tearsheet article about the Gemini exchange. 

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Tearsheet: Also be sure to check out Chyna's quotes in another article about banking the underserved.

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πŸ’» Product Updates βš™οΈ



Security Audit completion 

DeFiner has reached the milestone of a successful third round of audits conducted by Consensys Diligence, one of the leading auditing firms in the blockchain industry. 

DeFiner will continue its efforts in security by ensuring our users’ safety 

Read Our Announcement


⛓️ Multi-chain Initiatives πŸ”—

DeFiner is kick-starting our multi-chain initiatives. OKExChain (OEC) will be our first foray into the multi-chain universe, but we have also secured partnerships with EVM-compatible Aurora Network (product of Near Protocol) and Conflux, as our next chain deployments.


β›½Gas Cost Reduction πŸ›’οΈ


DeFiner has enjoyed steady growth in several key areas, for example, our technology team was able to reduce the cost of gas on Ethereum by up to 50% on by reworking the DeFiner codebase.

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πŸ“Ί DeFiner Shows πŸ—“οΈ

DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA_Pop Quiz Edition

Office Hours AMA 

We recently published Episode #3, Part 1, with Founder & CEO, Jason Wu, and Co-Founder & COO, Chyna Qu, who discuss DeFiner 2.0 in great detail. We also released our Part 2 bonus episode where we answer questions from the community.

Watch Episode #3, Part 1 w/ The Founders 

Watch Episode #3, Part 2


πŸ˜€ That's all for now, folks! 🐰

Make sure to join us on our social media platforms so you can keep up to date with all things DeFiner! Have a great month ahead!

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Till next month, keep the faith! 


Team DeFiner


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