DeFiner Monthly Newsletter: June/July 2021

Jul 7, 2021 7:18:55 AM / by DeFiner

Dear DeFiners,

It has been a difficult month for many DeFi projects. This month we've seen a downturn in the markets, shifting from bullish to different shades of consolidation, perhaps a new bear market, or like a 🦀, where the price constantly moves sideways.

We'd be liars if we said we knew what was going to happen in the short term, but the truth is, no one does. But there is one thing we can promise our DeFiner community — we will continue BUIDLing no matter what the market conditions might be! Read more below about all the amazing things DeFiner's team has been up to this month!



⛓️DeFiner x OKEx Chain 

DeFiner has officially deployed to OKExChain (OEC) giving DeFiner's a new way to lend, borrow and earn on our newest cross-chain deployment! OKExChain is our first step towards launching on multiple chains, and as this year progresses, we will explore and launch on to different blockchains such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, HECO, and TRON. 


Read this announcement!

FIN SHARK POOL_twitter@3x-100

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DeFiner 2.0: Permissionless, Configurable & Privacy

We recently released an in-depth blog on DeFiner 2.0, where we highlight and explain why our newest upgrade is a gamechanger for DeFi. From being able to create your own configurable lending pool with our Smart Contract Factory to a new privacy feature that uses ZK-proofs to enable users to transfer their balance/s within our contract without disclosing any information. And not to be forgotten, the ability to use any digital asset or token without asking us permission to create a lending pool. 


Why 2.0 is better:

  • No gatekeepers
  • Ultimate risk management via configurability
  • Private balance transfers to an infinite amount of wallet addresses


Click here to learn more.


DoraHacks Hackathon

Jason attended the DoraHacks Web3 Blockchain Hackathon this past month in Austin, Texas. While there he had the good fortune of giving a presentation about our lending protocol, and the new privacy function that will be paramount to DeFiner 2.0.!


🌴Bitcoin Miami🌴

Jason was also lucky enough to participate in the North American Bitcoin Conference this year where he represented DeFiner at the conference! While in Miami, Jason met some incredibly talented people working to build out the cryptoverse!

📺 Office Hours AMA 📺

With all the FUD coming out of China this past month, whether it was shutting down Bitcoin miners, heavy crypto regulations, or banning Bitcoin, our China Marketing department is dialed in. On this episode of Office Hours we feature Luna Wang, the Head of China Marketing, to discuss the looming regulations, crypto fever in the region, and how marketing is different in China.


Office Hours AMA — Episode 4_twitter-1

Click here to watch now!


DeFiner Announces Integration with Conflux Network

DeFiner will soon deploy to the Conflux Network later this year, bringing even more multi-chain options for the DeFiner community. Conflux and DeFiner will work together to help drive DeFi adoption while improving lending opportunities to their Network. we are proud to be moving forward and partnering with Conflux to bring our cross-chain DeFi offerings to life together! The integration of DeFiner’s unique cross-chain DeFi solution with the Conflux Network will propel our protocol in a way that is faster and more scalable than ever before!

😀 Until Next Time DeFiner's, Stay Classy! 🍸

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