DeFiner Monthly Newsletter: September 2021

Sep 7, 2021 8:23:44 PM / by DeFiner

It's been a busy month for everyone here at DeFiner. We've been updating new features, kicking off the ambassador program, and saying goodbye 👋 to our wonderful summer interns. We will be updating you on everything DeFiner, and be sure to check all announcements out on the blog or website!

🌟Highlights of the Month 

👩‍💻New Feature Updates

We released 3 new features on the platform

  • Interest Rate Model Optimization ✅
  • A Collateral Switch ✅
  • 48 Hour Time Lock (ETA within a week)
  • FIN Mining Update ✅

Read the announcement here!


📈TVL & Social Media Stats Update

Our total TVL is at  5.7 Million by the end of August.  DeFiner was recognized as one of the top gainers on OEC this week. The growth rate in 30 days is 188%! Check out the rankings here.

🗣 Social Media Stats 🗣:

  •  Twitter - 40.2K 
  •  Telegram - 13,144
  •  Discord - 2,159

📰Company Updates

☀️Thank You Summer Interns 

At DeFiner, we always take the time to recognize exceptional people. The DeFiner team would like to extend sincere thanks to the summer interns for their incredible work. We wish you a successful school year and hope to see you again! 

Read the announcement here!


📺 Being A DeFiner Series 

DeFiners, we are excited to release our Being a DeFiner Series. This series will give you first-hand info on DeFiner's working culture! Check out the first two episodes below. 


📰Product Updates


🦙DeFi Llama 

DeFi Llama is officially recording DeFiner OKExChain Data. It's more convenient for the OEC users to check the data. Users have the options to choose Ethereum, OEC data, or both chains combined on DeFi Llama. 

Check it out at DeFi Llama Today



🍒 New Lending Pool 

Ready? Set. Pick! Now introducing the CHE Lending pool with Cherry Swap. Come and become a Cherry Picker while the APR is high. Start earning here!


🦈 DeFiner Knowledgebase 🤔

Check out our Knowledge base where you can find the answers to all your pressing questions, or if you wanna learn something new!


More info here!


🌎 DeFiner Ambassador Program

We are very excited to announce our 🌎 Ambassador Program 🌎 has kicked off! We have 8 DeFiner ambassadors from community building, marketing, content creation, and design fields. You will be seeing them or hearing from them in our community. Don't forget to say hi!

It's still not too late to apply for the Ambassador program! If you are interested in becoming a DeFiner!

Become a DeFiner Ambassador today by applying here!



🕺 That's all for now, folks! 🥳

Make sure to join us on our social media platforms so you can keep up to date with all things DeFiner! Have a great month ahead!


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at:

Till next month, party on! 



Team DeFiner


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