DeFiner Launches on Polygon, Expanding its Permissionless and Configurable DeFi Lending Protocol

Mar 24, 2022 4:30:00 AM / by DeFiner

DeFi platform is integrating the Polygon chain and its industry-leading Web3 assets and products. This launch will expand DeFiner users’ access to more crypto assets and fast, low-cost transactions. It also introduces Polygon’s massive user base to DeFiner. 

Pre-launch screenshot; deposit amounts and interest rates for test purposes only


DeFiner is a platform allowing users to deposit, lend, borrow, and earn interest on their crypto assets. Coming soon is DeFiner 2.0, a second-generation platform featuring products leveraging far more assets in all-new ways.

“DeFiner 2.0 will offer all-new permissionless products with groundbreaking configurability,” said DeFiner CEO, Jason Wu. “Until then, we’re proud to offer great products for lending, borrowing, and earning high interest on multiple chains.”

DeFiner 2.0 will greatly expand on these services offered today.

Polygon is DeFiner’s Third Chain Implementation 

Following their mainnet launch on Ethereum in 2019 and then strengthening their Asian presence with OkexChain starting in 2021, DeFiner now opens their platform to Polygon and the world of Ethereum side chains starting in late March 2022.

With Ethereum being the most popular blockchain in terms of throughput and fees generated, the rising transaction fees are a growing concern. Side chains are playing a greater role by offering much cheaper fees, while remaining within the Ethereum ecosystem. And of the Ethereum side chains, Polygon is the standard, popular throughout the world.

“While OkexChain strengthened our market in Asia, Polygon will allow us to reach far more people globally,” said Wu.

Upon launching on Polygon, DeFiner will offer a staking promotion promising high rates of return of their native FIN token. This will be on top of the usual, same-token interest earned on deposits. Learn more at and




About Polygon

Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 7000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.


If you're an Ethereum Developer, you're already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your dApp, get started here.

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About DeFiner

DeFiner is a permission-less and configurable decentralized lending protocol with privacy 100% protected. DeFiner’s configurable lending protocol enables users to borrow, earn and stake any crypto assets privately.

DeFiner removes the extant restriction and centralized control in DeFi and offers flexibility to create a customized lending market where users can borrow funds against any crypto asset. 

DeFiner also enables users to create staking pools and set configurations to lock up liquidity and reward communities.

By participating in staking and lending pools, crypto investors can earn passive income from their parked crypto asset on DeFiner’s globally available marketplace. Users have the option to transact in a private model to protect their privacy.  

For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter at @definerorg and Linkedin at @definerorg, or join our Telegram group at

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