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Feb 25, 2022 3:35:24 PM / by DeFiner

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From February 11-20, over 10,000 people gathered in beautiful downtown Denver for ETH Denver 2022 the largest Ethereum conference in the world. 

  • Teams of coders competed in the hackathon.
  • Art exhibits dazzled with creative NFTs.
  • Leaders and experts from across the crypto world gave over 100 presentations.
  • The biggest crypto companies sponsored booths, events, and even food trucks.

This is where DeFiner comes in:  

DeFiner Team Food Truck ETHDenver 2022Posing next to the DeFiner-sponsored taco truck: (left to right) IndexZoo's Marshall Chang and DeFiner's Chyna Qu, Brandon Ferdig, Jason Wu, and Shawn Wallace.

All throughout the conference, food trucks lined the streets to feed ETH Denver attendees. On February 16, DeFiner staff operated a taco truck! On this day, tacos were free... for anyone who downloaded the new DeFiner iOS app. 😊

  • 150 tacos and 150 downloads: Job well done!

But the next day would be even bigger.

DeFiner Sponsored Event

IndexZoo Multichain Carnival ETHDenver 2022 (Wide)

On Thursday, DeFiner sponsored the event, "The Multichain Carnival" hosted by IndexZoo.

DeFiner Sponsors IndexZoo - Inside the ZooFrom left to right: IndexZoo's Marshall Chang, DeFiner's Brandon Ferdig, and IndexZoo's Shawn Wallace.

At a carnival, there's much to prepare: Games, food, and a stage for NFT giveaways.

Sometimes, though, food can feel like a game.

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Cotton CandyAt this event, it was ok to play with your food.

Our cotton candy master picked up his skills quickly. He made several people feel like winners!

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Cotton Candy People

Others tried their luck with bar games.

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Cup Game

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Connect Four

Then others got lucky for the NFT raffle! 

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - NFT Giveaway Reaction 1

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - NFT Giveaway Reaction 2

But we were all fortunate this night. 

The bar was packed with blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world.

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Crypto Enthusiasts 1

New friends share and listen intently about new ideas, projects, and visions for the future.

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Crypto Enthusiasts 2

We partnered with new people AND with new companies. Special thanks to our partner sponsors for this event.

DeFiner Sponsors ETHDenver 2022 - Partner Sponsors

In Summary

This is what ETH Denver was really about: Connecting and collaborating, sharing ideas, and encouraging one another.

Throughout each day, leading crypto projects, companies, and experts connected well with audiences

On stage:

DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 Presentation Stage

In the booth:

DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 Booth

On display:

DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 Art Display 1 DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 Art Display 2

And even inside a costume:

DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 MascotETH Denver mascot.

And who was the man behind the mask?

DeFiner ETHDenver 2022 Vitalik Buterin

Why, it was Vitalik all along!

ETH Denver was full of surprises.

Denver, ColoradoGorgeous Denver, Colorado.


If you ever get the chance to attend such a conference, we suggest do it! You meet incredible people who share your passion, encourage your ideas, and inspire you with their experiences and insights into this fast-moving, world-changing industry.

This week we at DeFiner are taking this energy, these connections, and all the motivation from this conference and continuing to build the best DeFi platform for our users!

Have any questions about ETH Denver or DeFiner, let us know in the comments section below!


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