DeFiner Community Update: Sep 20 - 24

Sep 24, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by DeFiner

🌞TGIF. It was sure a roller coaster rider in crypto this week. But DeFiners are always calm and BUIDL. without further ado, here are the highlights of this week.

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💸FIN - Top Gainer 

Pretty good week as FIN holders. FIN has been during well even in the 📉. We are identified as the Top Performance token on AscendEx. 

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📖On the Regulation side

This week Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer met with the Coinbase team to discuss the future of innovation-friendly regulations. As an MN-based company, we are very excited to see meetings like this taken place.

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Team DeFiner met with Congressman Emmer at the beginning of this year. "I want to break down barriers," he said during our call. We're excited for the future of this industry, knowing he and others like him at the U.S. government are working to help it thrive. 

Read the blog post about DeFiner's meeting. 


🍒Calling for all DeFiners and Cherry Pickers out there! 

New Staking Pool on Cherry Swap! Users can stake FIN LP and earn CHE or they can stake CHE and earn FIN. 

📌StakeFIN-USDT LP to earn CHE
🍒Stake CHE to earn FIN
⏰Time:9/26/2021 18:00 (HKT)

🌊Deep Dive-DeFiner's New Interest Rate Mode

We've been getting questions from the community about how the interest rate works. That's why we released an in-depth article about our new interest rate model. 

Read the full article here

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📖FIN Token 101 

Since the FIN is doing pretty good, we want to give DeFiners a quick memory refresher of $FIN. Here's a deep dive which includes: 

  • FIN token address
  • FIN's major function 
  • FIN Ecosystem 
  • Token Metrics 

📝Any Swap Tutorial

We also closed our partnership with Any Swap last week. If you are not familiar with how to bridge $FIN from #ETH to #OEC on Any Swap. 

Read the tutorial here. 

📺 That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for next week 📺

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