DeFiner Community Update: Sep 13 - 17

Sep 17, 2021 7:40:52 AM / by DeFiner

Good morning DeFiners. 🌞TGIF. As always, we will kick start our Friday morning with a community update. Here's what you might have missed this week.

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🍒CHE Collateral Factor adjustment 

DeFiner increased the CHE Collateral Factor from 20% to 35% on Sep 16, 2021. Since we open the pool in August, cherry demand has increased significantly. After considering all aspects of Cherry Swap, we have decided to increase the collateral to further benefit the fellow cherry pickers.

💸How is this going to benefit us?

The adjustment will increase the cherry picker's asset utilization rate.📈 Here is an in-depth example: 

The current Borrow APR is only 80% on DeFiner. Users can use this opportunity to borrow CHE at 80% on DeFiner and earn 300% on Cherry Swap. 

Start Cherry Picking Today: 

🤝Any Swap Collaboration 

We also announced our partnership with Any Swap this week. DeFiners can now bridge $FIN from #ETH to #OEC on Any Swap. 

Try it out today:

📖FIN Token 101 

Last but not least, we also released a video explaining what is FIN token and the major functions of FIN. 


🛣️DeFiner 2.0 Milestones Revealed 

Just a reminder that we revealed our Milestones for DeFiner 2.0.he first function that will be released is the Smart Contract Factory. It will enable users to create child pools.'

Click here for a memory refresher for the Milestones. 


📺 That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for next week 📺

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