DeFiner Community Update: May 29-June 4

Jun 4, 2021 8:47:28 AM / by DeFiner

648494413-2Happy Friday DeFiners! While it has been a short week for some because of the holiday, we all know that crypto never sleeps, and neither does DeFi! While price impact from the recent downturn have been felt across the board, DeFi projects remain resilient so far. Whether we are entering a bear market or just having a correction, remains uncertain. But here at DeFiner, we will keep BUIDLing! in fact, we did have some pretty exciting news today, our partnership with Conflux Network! Read more below.


🚀 DeFiner Partners w/ Conflux Network 🌌


Today we announced that we are partnering with the Conflux Network, a high throughput and highly scalable blockchain that offers DeFiner's an entirely new DeFi ecosystem to play in. DeFiner and Conflux will work toward the goal of supporting the development of DeFi on a global scale, and to help drive adoption of the DeFi space!


🔧 DeFiner 2.0 Details ⚙️

DeFiner 2.0 (1)

This week we released more information about the design and mechanism of the DeFiner 2.0 upgrade. To find out more about what will be under the hood of 2.0, as well as its design, make sure to read our articles below!

What's Unique About DeFiner 2.0 Design?

DeFiner 2.0’s Mechanism


Our 👐 Remain 💎

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 9.03.36 AM

We conducted a poll this week asking the community about their market sentiment, and it was quite telling... When asked what's the next stage for the cryptoverse after the market dump over the past few weeks, 47.2% of the community agrees that the crypto market should keep Buidling and Hodling while keeping 💎 👐, and we 100% agree! Crypto is here to stay, and DeFi has finally given the cryptoverse a killer application and use case, and that is DeFi! Keep the faith and we will keep Buidling together!

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