DeFiner Community Update: May 22-28

May 28, 2021 9:22:53 AM / by DeFiner


Hello DeFiner’s, Happy Friday! A week of recovery has been upon us as this past weekend saw market sentiment, crypto markets, and DeFi projects dropping from what seemed to signal the end of the bull market. But as all things in crypto are always unpredictable, a recovery back to the upside has many crypto natives and projects breathing a collective sigh of relief, but with caution…


For this week at DeFiner, we continue to build and innovate with DeFiner 2.0, building out our community and presence in the DeFi ecosystem.


Here is DeFiner’s week in review:


🔉 DeFiner Speaks at BTS Labs Event 🔉

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Today our Co-Founder Chyna Qu participated in panel discussion sponsored by BTS Labs where she discussed the current regulatory issues and new trends in the blockchain market we are facing today. The panel also hosted other panelists from CoinMarketCap, AAVE, Kucoin, FTX Fund, and others.


📺 Office Hours AMA 📺

Today we released our Episode 3, Part 2 of our Office Hours AMA series, where host Adam Crawford, and COO & Co-Founder Chyna Qu, answer community questions. 


On this episode, we answer questions about the roadmap for DeFiner 2.0, what problem our app solves in DeFi, major obstacles the ecosystem faces and our multi-chain future.


Make sure to watch our latest episode now:



⛽ Have Some Gas on Us ⛽

Gas on Us, Part II_twitter-blog

Reminder: Get 100% of your Ethereum gas fees covered by participating in our second Gas on Us Campaign, where we will reimburse your gas costs 100% for the next two weeks for either Depositing, Borrowing, or Repaying functions on our protocol from May 19, 2021 @ Midnight UTC-4 until June 2, 2021 @ UTC-4. Only 1 gas transaction will be reimbursed per person, and will be paid out in FIN tokens.


🗞️ Definer in The News 🗞️


So what exactly are tokenized stocks? And why does the world need them? 


Check out the featured article written by Chyna for Bitcoin Insider breaking it all down.


She was also quoted in a Tearsheet article ‘Lending platform Tala collaborates with Visa, Circle and SDF to bring crypto to the underbanked’


“Digital currencies could play a key role in the growth of emerging economies. ‘As we’ve seen in places like Venezuela, where hyperinflation has massively shrunk the value of their currency since 2017, there is a need for inflation controls in developing countries where currencies are devaluing at alarming rates,’ said Chyna Qu, COO, and co-founder of crypto lending platform DeFiner. ‘A hedge against inflation, as well as offering greater access to crypto, will help inclusion across many different developing countries. It will also offer unbanked people a new, safe way to digitally store their money.’ ”


Thank you DeFiners!


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