DeFiner Community Update: August 7-13

Aug 13, 2021 9:33:50 AM / by DeFiner

Hey DeFiner's, Happy Friday! During this past week, we recieved the results from the cryptocurrency poll, announced that we are partnering with Cherry Swap and much more! Read about our exciting updates below! ⬇️



Without further ado, here's DeFiner's Week in Review:


🔑 Is the platform secure? 🔑


😜 Flashcard about the FIN Token: What is FIN Token Address? 😜

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🌊 How does a DeFiner Savings Pool work? 🌊 

Read more: 


🎉 Results are IN for the cryptocurrency poll! 🎉

Thank you everyone who participated. Here are the results! ⬇️


😎 Flashcard about the company: DeFiner Auditors 😎Image from iOS (2)-1


🍒 DeFiner is partnering up with Cherry Swap🍒

Farmer Are you a cherry picker? Cherries DeFiner is partnering up with
@CherryswapNet. We will be launching the CHE Pool next week.Cherries
Want to learn more? Join our Discord Channel for more insider info. Page with curl

That's all for now folks! See you next week 📺

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