DeFiner 2.0’s Mechanism

Jun 2, 2021 7:50:55 AM / by DeFiner

DeFinerDeFiner 1.0 is the fundamental building block behind 2.0; which means all of the child debt markets will be connected to our 1.0 main savings pool — the cornerstone of the DeFiner 2.0 mechanism. In order to build up the DeFiner 1.0 savings pool, we must first aggregate and build-up more even more value in our pool to make it available to every token and coin.

This 1.0 main savings pool is the middle layer of our protocol, or which we call DeFiner 1.0: The central hub, because it's the heartbeat of our DeFiner 2.0 mechanism. The 1.0 main pool is connected to several different child smart savings pools/child debt markets, with each being a debt market for each specific token. 

DeFiner 2.0 is permissionless because anyone can list their tokens and use them as collateral. For example, we have the Initial Loan Offering (ILO), where we have primary market token debt markets that connect with our bigger savings pool lending USDT, USDC, or blockchain native currencies like Ethereum, BNB. So, basically, if there is any unused capital, it will automatically deposit into the savings pool so people can still use it to generate interest.

You will also be able to create a pool for NFTs, make NFT-backed tokens, and lend money to NFT holders.

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