DeFiner Community Update: April 24-30

Apr 30, 2021 7:12:21 AM / by DeFiner

DeFiners, in the past week we’ve seen tremendous growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from Ethereum hitting all-time highs, gas fees tumbling, and a bull market that seems primed to reach heights never seen before, but that’s not the only good news!

Here’s DeFiner’s week in review:

👨‍💻DeFiner 2.0 

Introducing DeFiner 2.0: a permissionless debt market with multi-chain support and 100% privacy.
In case you missed what’s coming to DeFiner in the upcoming year, be sure to check out what we are working on now.

👀Check out the details about DeFiner 2.0 

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👨‍🏫Office Hours AMA: Episode 3

Want to win 100 $FIN tokens? Be sure to participate in our latest airdrop by participating in our Office Hours AMA: Episode 3, with Founder and CEO, Jason Wu, and Co-Founder and COO, Chyna Qu, now.

👀Check out the event details 

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👾Discord Plans

In the next few weeks, you will be seeing a makeover on our Discord channel. Our goal is to build a more community-friendly environment for DeFiners that will cater to different interests, such as tech development, governance, POP Mining, trading, announcements, memes, earn rewards, etc.

Our first plan is to move the Office Hours AMA completely over to Discord to create a more community-friendly space, however, we will keep a hybrid system with Telegram for as long as it makes sense. Also, we will host live-video AMA sessions in the near future where you will be able to ask us questions in real-time. More on this to come!

🚪Visit our Discord Channel 


🚀Twitter Reaches 21K

We have seen our Twitter community explode over the last month, from about 8 thousand followers to now over 21K! Thank you!


📝New Blog Format

Things might look a little different here on the blog. We’ve upgraded the UI of our blog to make it easier to find articles, improve readability, and to improve the overall aesthetics of our website.
We hope you enjoy it!


That's all, Folks! Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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