Community Update: April 12-23

Apr 23, 2021 6:35:15 AM / by DeFiner

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The last couple of weeks at DeFiner have been interesting, to say the least, with new hires joining the team, a new partnership with ONTO wallet, and some  AMA's with team members, there's a lot going on these days!

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DeFiner in the News

Check out Chyna Qu's latest blog on the Coinbase IPO, where she analyzes the significance of this potential 'watershed moment' for the Cryptoverse! In her article, she takes a look at a similar IPO from 1995, when Netscape launched on the Nasdaq, and which is credited with starting the information age, or the start of the .com boom in tech stocks.

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And in case you're wondering about some of the interesting things going on behind the scenes at DeFiner, as well as what is coming in the near future, take a listen now to the Crypto Question Podcast now!

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DeFiner Welcomes Jitendra Chittoda to the team!

Jitendra comes to us with a wealth of cryptocurrency experience in smart contract engineering, and is well-known in the Ethereum development community for publishing the ERC-1068 standard for peer-to-peer lending smart contracts, and is responsible for designing and developing ETHLend, which is now called AAVE.

Jitendra is also a smart contract pioneer that has worked at several high-profile DeFi projects, including AAVE/ETHLend, B.Protocol, mStable, ChainSecurity, and his smart contracts are responsible for more than $200 Million in Total Value Locked across the digital asset ecosystem.


New Claim Function

In terms of product progress, DeFiner just launched a 'claim' function that works both on mobile and computer now.

Check out how it works 



Office Hours AMA: Episode 2 

This week on Office Hours AMA we answer a few questions from the community and discuss the early days of DeFiner with Tom Short, a DeFiner Advisory Board Member, and advisor at Nex Cubed, a startup accelerator, and a consultant and advisor that specializes in messaging, narrative and strategy for start-ups.


Our COO and Co-Founder Chyna Qu participated in an AMA session with ONTO Wallet.  

Learn more about the AMA session here:

Coming Soon

Lots of things are happening at DeFiner, especially as our team and community keep growing! 

One exciting feature that will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks is a new version of our web/mobile app that will reduce the amount of gas fees our platform uses, meaning it decreases the cost of gas for DeFiner's who use  Ethereum with our platform.

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