Building the Network: DeFiner Integrated with Kyber

Sep 9, 2019 3:39:00 PM / by DeFiner

It has never been easier to swap tokens.





It is official! DeFiner.Org is proud to announce our complete integration with the KyberNetwork, the most trusted on-chain liquidity protocol for decentralized applications to conduct seamless and instant token-to-token transactions.


The heart of our platform is the mission to provide a fully decentralized global financial platform. Now, DeFiner users can effortlessly swap one token for another in conjunction with their lending needs, eliminating the hassle of using multiple sites to manage and convert currencies.


We encourage you to try our platform, if you haven’t already. Currently, while in our beta state, we offer zero fees for using our marketplace. We also appreciate any user feedback as we continue to develop and grow our DeFiner.Org


For more information on Kyber go to We also recommend reading their Blog for valuable inside information.


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Written by DeFiner