DeFiner Weekly: Bitcoin Miami 2022 & Polygon Partner AMAs

Apr 14, 2022 3:30:19 PM / by DeFiner

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Dear DeFiners, what a great week we've had! Once again, we want to thank you for your support and excitement to help us build the DeFi space together. The team has an exciting new update for you this week that you're not going to want to miss. 😆 Stay awesome $FINatics! 😎

Here are the highlights of the week:
  • 🎙️Furucombo's FuruRadio Recap
  • 🎙️DeFiner x Crystl Finance AMA Recap
  • 🏖️ Bitcoin Miami 2022 Recap
  • 🔥Deposit APR Update
  • 💼We're Hiring!

🎙️Furucombo's FuruRadio Recap


As part of our efforts to a successful Polygon ecosystem integration, the DeFiner team had the opportunity to join in the first Furucombo's FuruRadio Twitter Space event! 😄

Chyna, DeFiner's COO, was a part of a panel composed of members of various projects on Polygon: Devin, Co-Founder of GYSR, Hilmar X, Legendary Member from Gelato, Nemo, Co-Founder of Tesseract Fi, and Aishwary, Growth and Strategy at Polygon, with Josh from the Furucombo team as the moderator. ✨

After the panelists introduced themselves and their respective projects and protocols, the conversation shifted to what their views were in different topics that concerned the space as a whole. The participants gave their opinion on liquidity provisions and how vital liquidity is for their protocols. Next, the panel discussed the topic of stable coins, their role in a chain's success and other use cases. The event was centered around Polygon and how it provides the infrastructure for protocols on their ecosystem to excel and bring value to all. Revisit our event in the link below. 👇

🎧DeFiner x Furucombo Radio🎧

🎙️DeFiner x Crystl Finance AMA Recap

Twitter_AMA hosted by Crystl.Finance-1

Recently, the DeFiner team was invited to participate in an AMA with our partners at Crystl Finance! Chyna Qu, Co-Founder, and COO at DeFiner represented DeFiner at the live event, while Jimmy (Lead of Marketing), and Light (Marketing and Media Manager) represented Crystl Finance.  🙏

Our discussion was centered around our new partnership and what both protocols are going to bring to the table. Chyna gave an overview of DeFiner's mission and features, while also discussing plans to share with the community soon! Jimmy and Light from Crystl also shared Crystl Finance's vision and how the platform looks to grow in this ever-expanding space. In case you missed it or want to listen to it again, you can check it out at the link below! 👇

🎧DeFiner x Crystl🎧

🏖️Bitcoin Miami 2022 Recap

Twitter_Bitcoin Miami Posters

The DeFiner team attended the so-called "largest Bitcoin conference in the world" in Miami last week. Bitcoin Miami was more than a gathering of Bitcoin enthusiasts; it was a celebration of the positive impact and change that crypto and blockchain have brought about in our lives. 🎆

From sponsoring an event, to giveaways, to surprising news, our team really took advantage of our time down in MIA. Learn more about DeFiner at Bitcoin Miami 2022 in the link below! 🍹

🌴Read Our Story🌴

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