Being a DeFiner - Theresa Antonio

Aug 23, 2021 6:56:10 AM / by DeFiner

We are excited to release our Being a DeFiner Series. This series will give the audience first-hand information on what does it like to be a DeFiner and what is the DeFiner culture. 

This week, our summer interns get in front of the cameras and talked about their summer internship experience. Today we have Theresa Antonio, a rising junior from Assumption University. 


Theresa worked at DeFiner as a marketing intern in Summer 2021. She was working on projects like SEO research, social media research, ambassador program webpage, and social media management. 

"Every day I was pushed to be a better version of myself by working on multiple projects, stepping up and showing my leadership skills as well as getting out of my comfort zone.  At DeFiner, you are not just an employee but you are also treated as a family. You are heard and appreciated." says Theresa. 

DeFiner always believes in providing opportunities for the younger generation. That's why we are thrilled to see young talents like Theresa is learning and challenging themselves with the new technology.  

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