Being a DeFiner - Ben Mielke

Sep 2, 2021 2:09:54 AM / by DeFiner

Internship Experience_Ben Mielke

In this episode of  Being a DeFiner, we can Ben Mielke from Loyola University Chicago. Ben studies finance and economics and worked as a Marketing intern at DeFiner in Summer 2021.  He worked on the projects like email marketing strategy, Discord reform, and the ambassador program. 

"Working at DeFiner was a very learning-focused experience as they threw you into the deep end with very interesting projects and you get to learn and attempt the projects yourself and then get some guidance," says Ben. 


"Ultimately my favorite part of working gat DeFiner was the people. They are always just willing to have a conversation with you.  I really enjoyed meeting all the people at DeFiner."

Student stamina is one of the most important skills in a startup. That's why we are thrilled to see young talents like Ben is learning and challenging themselves and learning skills like project management at the very early stage. 

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