DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA: Episode 2

DeFiner April Newsletter

DeFiner Welcomes Jitendra Chittoda, Our New Head of Smart Contracts!

Will Coinbase’s IPO be Crypto’s “Watershed Moment” or Just Another Day in Crypto?

DeFiner’s Office Hours AMA: Pop Quiz Edition

🧠 DeFiner Pop Quiz: Wrap Up 🧠

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3-year Special - The one with the Thank You Note

3-year Special- The one with the Polaris

3-year Special - The one with the China Branch

Gas on Us!

3-year Special - The one with the Crisis

3-year Special - The one with the Teachstars

3-year Special - The one with the Office

3-year Special - The one with the events

3-year Special - The one with the Coffee Shop

3-year Special - The one with the Name

Shout-out Campaign Birthday Week Special

3-year Special - The one with the Table

DeFine the Platform You Love - UI Improvement Campaign

New Features Tutorial - More Wallet Connections

Tutorial on New Feature - Accessing the Platform Through Your Phone

Announcing: DeFiner Shout-out Campaign


FIN Token Proof of Premium (POP) Mining

BTC Is Taking over Wall Street–but What about Main Street?

A Meeting with a Top U.S. Congressman

A Look Back into 2020 - DeFiner Year End Newsletter

DeFiner announces Sticker, Meme and Gif Contest

Jason's Telegram AMA with

FIN Token now listing on

FIN- Voting Now Starts on

DeFiner Listing Giveback Events Details

Enter the Dragon: China Will Unlock Value in the DeFi Space

Now Listing on DeFi Pulse

DeFiner Launches ‘Taurus’, the Decentralized Crypto Savings Platform Offering Up to 30% Interest

Fin Distribution- Second Round

The Next Chapter in Yield Farming: Ethereum 2.0 and Sustainability

GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Chyna Qu, Co-Founder and COO at DeFiner

Limited Time Only: DeFiner and Mars Cloud Mine Launch Liquidity Mining Program with 0% Fees!

How Crypto Lending Works

DeFiner Secures Investment from Software Design Leader Spark Digital

Announcing FIN-Uniswap Liquidity Provider Program

DeFiner Community Update:Successful CoinList Private Sale & Debut on Decentralized Exchange

Becoming a DeFiner Campaign Details

Successful Private Token Sale Coming to a Close

DeFiner Announces Latest Investment from SNZ Holding

Did You Become a DeFiner Today?

FIN Token Private Sale Details

DeFiner’s FIN Private Sale for Our Community

DeFiner Launches FIN, the Native Token for its Decentralized Financial Network

DeFiner Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Mainnet to Power its DeFi Savings Account & P2P Lending Marketplace

DeFiner Biweekly Update 6/29/20

DeFiner partners up with Consensus Lab

DeFiner Biweekly Update 5/27/20

DeFiner Biweekly Update 5/11/20

DeFiner In NASDAQ - Overcoming DeFi's Challenges and Providing Solutions in an Economic Crisis

Impact of BTC Halving

How Does DeFiner Ensure the Security of a User's Funds?

DeFiner Weekly Update 4/20/20

DeFiner Weekly Update 4/15/20

DeFiner's Core Values

DeFiner In Coindesk!

DeFiner Weekly Update 4/8/20

Jason Wu Featured in 8BTC on ETH 2.0

Who Is DeFiner?

Announcement: Accepted into Techstars

Building the Network: DeFiner Integrated with Kyber

Winner of the 2019 Detroit Fintech Challenge!

DeFiner — Wyre Partnership Annoucement

DeFiner Platform Now Live for Soft Launch!

Getting to Know DeFiner’s Next-Generation Lending Platform

DeFiner #TechUpdates 12.17.2018

DeFiner #TechUpdates 11.9.2018

DeFiner #TechUpdates 10.4.2018

Security or Scalability?: DeFiner's Next-Gen Lending DApp Prioritizes Both