A Big Thank You to Our Summer Interns

Aug 20, 2021 2:59:04 AM / by Chyna Qu

As summer comes to an end, we want to take a moment to thank our wonderful college interns!

This summer, we were joined by a group of talented interns, including Ben Mielke, Lacey Eller, Ryan Chong, Sweeney Ebrahimi, Theresa Antonio, and Victoria Zhang. (Name were listed alphabetically) 


These interns arrived full of energy, bringing along their warm and colorful personalities. They were then exposed to all areas of the business, including digital marketing, public relationships, community management, business development, project management, and UI UX design. 

The interns were working cross-functionally with the tech team, marketing team, and data team.  Even though this summer internship is a remote program due to Covid, they showed up to every virtual meeting with passion and energy. The interns were able to conduct their work efficiently and effectively communicating with the team. 

“We want to give bright college students the full experience of the blockchain industry - and in return, we benefit from their fresh insight, creativity, and hard work. ” - Jason Wu, Founder & CEO of DeFiner

DeFiner always believes in providing opportunities for the younger generation. Blockchain is a relatively young industry. We want more young and talented people like our interns to get exposure, learn about this technology, and become a part of the ecosystem in the early stage. We hope this internship experience will benefit them academic wise and career-wise. 

At DeFiner, we always take the time to recognize exceptional people. The DeFiner team would like to extend sincere thanks to the summer interns for their incredible work. We wish you a successful school year and hope to see you again! 

Stay tuned, we will be releasing the videos about summer interns. Our interns share stories about their experiences and what is it like to be a DeFiner. 


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Chyna Qu

Written by Chyna Qu