3-year Special- The one with the Polaris

Feb 24, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by Chyna Qu

Unpredictable and with never a dull moment, 2020 went by faster than any other year.  If last year was about how to get things started (and back on track), then 2021 is going to be all about growth. 

The one with the Polaris 

  • We now have a strong global team of experts in all fields.
  • We have our product and token successfully launched.
  • And last year’s start to the bull market was a great validation of being on the right path. 

Looking back over the past three years, a lot has happened but our vision is still the same. Our vision was, is, and always will be to “define the future of open finance.” 

I like the metaphor of Polaris. 

If you look up to the night sky, that brightest star remains in nearly the same spot. The North Star. 

Our endurance is our north star, shining bright in the night sky as a beacon leading us through the darkness. No matter what we encounter, as long as we follow our Polaris we will make it. COVID marks the rebirth of a new world full of new opportunities. I have no doubt the future for DeFiner is bright. 

Chyna Qu

Written by Chyna Qu